Network Updates 12/10 - Jackson Street and Tanner Buildings

Just a reminder as we prepare to wrap up our network conversion, we are down to our final two buildings.  EITS will be performing theses updates on the Jackson Street Building and Tanner THIS WEDNESDAY,  reading day (12/10)  between 7 and 8 am.  As this is just a configuration change, EITS personnel will not have to visit the building, however, we will be here during the process to help catch any potential issues early.



The only projected issues that may occur from this are:


-          Brief loss of connectivity at some point while the networking hardware and computers within the building get their updated information. (This should all happen automatically as the devices refresh their settings).


-          Brief loss of networked printer access as we’ll have to manually switch the printers their new addresses after the change has been made. (Printers should be back and available prior to 9am if not sooner)


-           During this transition period, there will be a brief outage of Autocad, GIS, Sketchup, access to Caldwell server, and printing.  This will be an outage effecting ALL buildings.   Should hopefully be restored by 8 or 8:30  depending on any unforeseen issues.


-          You will possibly need to reconnect to the networked printers by going to \\  after the conversion is complete.


-          Faculty/Staff:  If after 8:15am your computer does not have network connectivity, or  you are unable to login, please contact us so we can check in the system and make sure everything is properly set.  You can call and just leave a message with the student workers if I’m not in the office, or send a note to  from your phone or another computer and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can.


As we have successfully converted the other buildings we have had minimal issues, most of which were easily resolved within a few minutes.  As a result, we are expecting this to be a fairly smooth transition and should have everything back and functioning normally  fairly quickly after the updates are made.


Again, we will be on hand during this process to try and catch any issues. Also, please remember that these times are variable and may change slightly depending on what issues may or may not arise.  If in the meantime or during the process you have any questions please let us know.  You can also check on the status by visiting our Tech Wiki:




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