Scanning Update

The Copiers in 127 JSB, 303 Tanner, and 031 JSB now can scan directly to the Completed Scans folder on the sweetgum server.


The button on the control panel will say Completed Scans.


Please  rember that you need to have your studio spaces cleaned out by Wednesday, May 18 @ 7am/   (The Wednesday following graduation) Any items left in the studio at that time will be disposed of.

Also please remember to have any data you have stored in the Scan-Print folder on CED-Sweetgum or the  GIS class folders on BOB need to be copied off  to your portable devices prior to May 13th as well.  After this point those items may become subject to deletion due to summer maintenance on the servers.

Also, please note the following Summer hours for Tech Services.

Summer 2016 Hours Begin May 11th
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Saturday* - Sunday CLOSED

Summer 2016 Fabrication Hours
Contact the UGA Makerspace at 706-542-2403

- See more at: http://tech.ced.uga.edu/#sthash.qumjSNr0.dpuf


Studio/Server Cleanout

What: Studio/Locker Cleanout

When:  Wednesday, May 13th beginning at 7:00am


On Wednesday, May 13 beginning at 7:00 am we will begin cleaning out of lockers and studio spaces within the College.  Any material left on/in the desks/lockers will be discarded.   Please make sure to have all material removed prior to 7:00am on the 13th,.


Also, If you have any files stored on the Caldwell server  (completed scans, to print,  class folder, etc)  please make sure to have them copied off to your own personal media prior to this time as well as these folders will be cleaned out.


This cleanout applies to All buildings.


Laser Cutter Available

The Laser Cutter is now available.  Please contact the CED helpdesk if you would like to make an appointment during our fabrication hours.


Printer 127

Printer 127 is available for use again.  The web interface is not yet available, but will hopefully be soon.

Please DO NOT run wax based paper or marker paper through this machine.



When:  Monday, January 19, 2015  8am – Noon (estimated)

 What:  CED-Bob server downtime and maintenance


 Details: On Monday, January 19th beginning at 8am we will be performing maintenance on the CED-Bob server.   The server will be shutdown and hardware maintenance will be performed.  This means during this timeframe, access to the GIS Data and GIS classes shares will be unavailable.  Access to GIS itself should not be affected, only the data being stored on the bob server.  We will post a update to the list as well as the CED Tech news feed as this process completes and the server and it’s resources become available again.   If all goes as planned, the server should be operational again by Noon.  Please let us know if you have any questions .


 For additional information and details visit our tech site:  http://tech.ced.uga.edu   or go directly to the Tech news feed: http://tech.ced.uga.edu/news



Also, In observance of the Martian Luther King Holiday, Technology Services will be close on Monday the 19th and will reopen for regular  hours on Tuesday morning.


Thank you





Christmas Break 2014 Hours

CED Technology Services Hours

Christmas Break 2014


Tues 12/16 - Friday 12/20

8am - 5pm


Saturday 12/21 - Janurary 1/1



Will Reopen Jan 2, 2015


Just a reminder as we prepare to wrap up our network conversion, we are down to our final two buildings.  EITS will be performing theses updates on the Jackson Street Building and Tanner THIS WEDNESDAY,  reading day (12/10)  between 7 and 8 am.  As this is just a configuration change, EITS personnel will not have to visit the building, however, we will be here during the process to help catch any potential issues early.



The only projected issues that may occur from this are:


-          Brief loss of connectivity at some point while the networking hardware and computers within the building get their updated information. (This should all happen automatically as the devices refresh their settings).


-          Brief loss of networked printer access as we’ll have to manually switch the printers their new addresses after the change has been made. (Printers should be back and available prior to 9am if not sooner)


-           During this transition period, there will be a brief outage of Autocad, GIS, Sketchup, access to Caldwell server, and printing.  This will be an outage effecting ALL buildings.   Should hopefully be restored by 8 or 8:30  depending on any unforeseen issues.


-          You will possibly need to reconnect to the networked printers by going to \\ced-printing.ced.uga.edu  after the conversion is complete.


-          Faculty/Staff:  If after 8:15am your computer does not have network connectivity, or  you are unable to login, please contact us so we can check in the system and make sure everything is properly set.  You can call and just leave a message with the student workers if I’m not in the office, or send a note to cedhelp@uga.edu  from your phone or another computer and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can.


As we have successfully converted the other buildings we have had minimal issues, most of which were easily resolved within a few minutes.  As a result, we are expecting this to be a fairly smooth transition and should have everything back and functioning normally  fairly quickly after the updates are made.


Again, we will be on hand during this process to try and catch any issues. Also, please remember that these times are variable and may change slightly depending on what issues may or may not arise.  If in the meantime or during the process you have any questions please let us know.  You can also check on the status by visiting our Tech Wiki:  http://tech.ced.uga.edu/





Looking for a simple way to store files in the cloud and share/collaborate with other users? fellow classmates, etc?     Then we urge you to check out thenew features in UGA Mail and the Onedrive for Business account.  This is different from the standard skydrive or Onedrive account.    One of the benefits is it provides 1TB of storage.

Fore additional details, see the following link from EITS: http://eits.uga.edu/email_and_calendar/office365/onedrive_business

We encourage you to take a look and make the most of the benefits offered to students, faculty, staff.



In order to streamline and unify the process of effectively communicating with all faculty and staff, the Vice President for Information Technology is moving forward with a change to University policy that would require all University email communications to facult and staff to use only UGAMail addresses.  Employees and students will still be allowed to forward their UGAMail to another email address, such as Gmail.  

eLearning Commons (eLC) will be unavailable starting Saturday, December 27th and ending Friday, January 2nd at 5:00pm.  The University Systems of Georgia is upgrading Desire2Learn, which powers eLC at UGA.  This is minimal upgrade to version 10.3 that should not have any major impacts on the faculty and student experience.  The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) plans to conduct eLC drop-in sessions for instructors in early January.

Beginning in December UGA faculty and staff will have access to download and install Microsoft Office ProPlus for free on up to five personal devices.  With this program, UGA employees can install the latest, full version of Office 365 ProPlus on up to five devices, including an iPad.


Friendly Reminder

Just a friuendly reminder if you place files on the Caldwell Server in the Scan-Print folder, they are subject to be deleted.  This is a temporary storage location not indended for long term use.  Users placing files in this folder for printing services should expect that the file will be deleted every month (although we can sometimes go for longer periods).   Please make sure to have copies of any items saved to this folder on yoru own removeable media.


Thank you


The University of Georgia’s Enterprise Information Technology Services will host its fall Computer Health and Security Fair on Wednesday, October 15, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the second floor rotunda of the Miller Learning Center.

UGA students, faculty and staff are invited to bring their personal laptops for free security checks, as part of the observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

For more information, check out:  http://eits.uga.edu/stories/eits_to_offer_free_laptop_security_checkups_1 



OneDrive - 1TB Free Storage

The University is now offering all students, faculty, and Staff the ability to use OneDrive Business as part of our office365 implementation.   This provies you with up to 1TB of free storage, max file size is 2GB..   This will enable collaborationa nd sharing of files amoung collegues and students easier.

For additional details please see the EITS help page:  http://wiki.eits.uga.edu/help/index.php/OneDrive_for_Business



Web Printing

Just as a reminder, if you are using a Windows based computer, PLEASE, when you go to print use the traditional print server and NOT the web printing system.  In order to do this, just point Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer to \\ced-printing.ced.uga.edu, then enter  your myid information and just double click on your desired printer to install the driver.  You will get better results when printing via this method. 

We are currently expirencing some pricing issues with some of the printers via the Web interface.  Please bear with us and if these continue, we  will be forced to disable the web printing all together while we work towards a solution to the problem with the vendor.

The web printing was a work around put in place to enable MAC users to print.  It is not the best method, but it does provide some useability.  It also allows you to check your printing balance and view your print history..


Thank you

Fabrication equipment will be available during the following hours of the semester beginning September 18, 2014 through December 9, 2014.  Special hours will be poster for December 9-17, 2014.  Fabrication will be unavailable November 24-28, 2014.


Monday  8am-1pm (1pm-5pm for experienced users*)

Tuesday 8am-5pm

Wednesday 8am-1pm (1pm-5pm for experienced users*) & 5pm-9pm

Thursday 12pm-4pm

(Friday 7am-11am for experienced users*)


*Experienced users only.  No setup or file troubleshooting help available during these hours.


What:  UGA students are able to obtain Microsoft Office for free via Microsoft Student Advantage.  

Does it expire after I graduate?  Full access for approx. a year after graduation.  Read only after that, unless you purchase a subscription. 

Do I need to be connected to the Internet?  Just need to connect once every 30 days.

Can I install it on more than one device?   Yes, Windows and Mac compatible


For more details including detailed instructions for installation, please visit the following link.





As this is being provided by EITS, if you run into problems during the installation, contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 or helpdesk@uga.edu as they are best equipped to assist with this service.

Tech Hours are from:

Monday - Thursday    7;00 AM - 9:OO PM

Friday                      7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday    Noon - 6:00 PM *



* Technology Services is not open on Saturdays when there are UGA homegames.


Please make sure you prepare for printing and do not wait until the last minute!



Technology Services office hours for summer 2015 will be:


M - F 8:30-5:00


When hourly help is available.



The two full time staff members are on campus most days from 8-5.  However, their duties cover six buildings across north campus; so they may not be in the office during those times.


Summer 2014 Studio Cleanout

Locker/Studio cleanout will take place on Wednesday May 14thPlease make sure to have your lockers cleaned out, locks removed, and studio area’s cleaned out by 7am on May 14th.  Any material left after this time will be discarded.

 Also, if you have any data stored in the Scan/Print folder on the Caldwell server, please make sure to also have that copied off by May 14th as well.  This folder will be cleaned out at this time.


 This cleanout applies to All buildings.



What:  Computer Health & Security Fair for personally owned laptops

When:  April 1-2, 2014

Where: Second floor lobby of Miller Learning Center

Who:  Students, Faculty, Staff



EITS and Franklin College OIT will be holding a free computer health and security fair.  During the event there will be free virus and malware removal & Security checkups for personally owned devices.  For additional information see:   http://eits.uga.edu/stories/eits_franklin_college_oit_to_offer_free_laptop_security_checkups


JAVA in the CED computer labs

If you expirence difficulties with JAVA in the computer labs, you'll need to make a adjustment to the security settings in the Java Control pannel.   We are attempting to locate a better solution, however this will require each user to do it.  For details, please go to the following URL: http://tech.ced.uga.edu/kb/articles/30-problems-accessing-oasis



Spring Break 2014 Hours

CED Technology Services will be operating on the following schedule during March 8 -15 (Spring Break).

  • Saturday, March 8: CLOSED
  • Sunday, March 9: CLOSED
  • Monday, March 10: 8am - 5pm
  • Tuesday, March 11: 8am - 5pm
  • Wednesday, March 12:  8am - 5pm
  • Thursday, March 13:  8am  - 5pm
  • Friday, March 14: 8am - 5pm
  • Our Standard operating hours will resume on Saturday March 15th.