The marketplace system used by CED through the UGA Business Services Office is down to an issue with an updated performed Tuesday night.  Business Services is working with the outside vendor to correct the problem. Until it is resolved students will be unable to purchase additional printing credits.

Important End of term date and information


When:  Wednesday, May 10  by 7am


1) Studio/Locker Cleanout:  Please have your studio area and locker cleaned out by this time. Any items remaining after this point are subject to being discarded as the studios are cleaned and reset for the new year.

2) Please make sure any items that you may have remaining on the GIS class folders on BOB, or in Completed Scans or To Print on the sweetgum servers have been copied to your own devices as these  folders will be cleaned out as well and any data remining will be deleted.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


 Update:  The Plotter is now available again.


Title: Plotting unavailable

IncidentType: Emergency downtime/repairs

PublicDescription: The plotter is currently unavailable due to various errors within the device.  Repair technicians have been notified and are awaiting arrival time estimate.  We will provide additional details as they become available.  Currently ETA is unknown.  


StartDate: 11/02/2016 10:00 AM

Duration:  Unknown

The Computer Health and Security Fair will be held next Tuesday, October 18, and Wednesday, October 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days. It will be located on the second floor rotunda of the Miller Learning Center (MLC). 

 The event is free and open to all UGA students, faculty and staff for their personal laptops. 

 The fair is sponsored by Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) and the Franklin College’s Office of Information Technology.

 Volunteer technicians will remove malware, install the latest software and security updates, ensure that firewalls are enabled and update antivirus and operating systems and examine other software problems, such as slow performance and unknown error messages. 

 Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Health and security check-ups may take between 30-60 minutes. Hardware repairs will not be provided, and university-issued laptops will not be checked.

 For more information, visit

After research and consultation with the manufacturer we have found the proper method for copying onto vellus.  On the copiers in 127 and 031 Jackson Street Bulding there is a button on the Home screen called Vellum.  Place your blank white vellum in the bypass tray, select the Vellum button, place your original on the platen and press the start button.  It is recommended that only black and white copies are made and that one one copy at a time is performed.


Server Changes

There have been a few server changes over the break that you will want to be aware of.

CED Caldwell is now CED-Sweetgum.

The old class folders are no longer available.

Class resources is now located at \\ced-sweetgum\class resources

Scan Print is now located at: ced-sweetgum\scan-print

Assistantship is now located at ced-sweetgum\assistantship

Special Projects is now at \\ced-sweetgum\special projects


CED Technology Services will have the following hours from 11-21-15 through 11-29-15


Saturday and Sunday 11-21 and 11-22 -- CLOSED

Monday and Tuesday 11-23 and 11-24 --  08:00-17:00 (8-5)

Wednesday through Saturday 11-25 through 11-29 -- CLOSED

Sunday 11-29 -- 12:00-18:00 (noon-6)

During the summer of 2015 the CED IT Staff accomplished the following tasks:


o   Relocated computer worktables and task chairs from 19 Denmark Hall to 308 Tanner

o   Setup workstations in 308 Tanner with dual monitors

o   Setup two workstations in 303 Tanner with dual monitors

o   Installed new projector in 308 Tanner

o   Installed new projector in 110 Denmark Hall

o   Cornell & Balthrop completed Helpdesk Institute Customer Service Representative Training

o   Setup advanced computer graphics lab in 19 Denmark Hall until renovation is complete in Broad Street Studio 1

o   Setup office space for Tom

o   Replace copiers in 127 JSB, 104B Denmark Hall, and CCDP

o   Setup ArcGIS for Server services

o   Removed excess drafting tables from 104 Denmark Hall

o   Relocated lounge furniture from 210 Denmark Hall to 104 Denmark Hall

o   Received donated plotter from HGOR and cleaned it up in preparation for shipment to Costa Rica

o   Setup breakout area for LAND 3030 lecture in 026 JSB

o   Setup new Sharp Interactive Display in 026 JSB with mirrored second display

o   Removed SmartBoard from 306 Tanner

o   Removed SmartBoards from 002 and 003 Broad Street Studio 1

o   Installed new projector in 301 Tanner

o   Coordinated removal of surplus equipment from all buildings

o   Prepared basement classrooms of Broad Street Studios 1 for renovation

o   Upgraded memory and hard drive in Instructional Workstations in JSB

o   Replaced Instructional Workstations and monitors in 103 and 110 Denmark Hall

o   Ordered new tables and seating for 126 JSB

o   Ordered new pinup boards for 126 JSB

o   Replaced instructional workstations in 131 JSB

o   Replaced instructional workstations in 132 JSB

o   Arranged new tables and seating in 126 JSB

o   Updated workstations in 102 Tanner

o   Hung new projector in 306 Tanner

o   Conducted new Graduate Student IT Orientation

o   Conducted emergency lockdown and cleaning of CED-CCDP and Ced-Cassity after ransomware infection of Pratt’s computer

o   Created new hourly worker schedule for Tech Center


§  Coverage goal of 7:00-9:00 M-R, 7:00-5:00 F, 12:00-6:00 S-S

Today we relocated the printer from 19 Denmark Hall to 303 Tanner in preparation for installation of a new printer for the Digital Forms lab.  We dismanteled the computers and montiors in 308 Tanner to remove the computer worktables so that they can be replaced with the newer tables from Denmark.  (These are the tables that were purchased for JSB during renovation and removed from 126 JSB last summer when the computer lab was decomissioned.)  The new tables should improve the look and feel of the Tanner lab.  We brought over four of the newer tables and setup the first row of workstations with the remainder to be moved from Denmark to Tanner by FMD soon.

In preparation for installation of a new Digital Forms lab we cleared the computers, and monitors from 19 Denmark Hall.  The monitors are going to replace the monitors in 308 Tanner. The computers will be used to replace older systems in studio and classroom instructor workstations throughout the College. We also begun preparation for Wednesday's clean out by gathering trash and recycle bags and collecting obvious trash from the studios.