Protecting your personal computer

Personal computers need to be protected from both physical and software threats.  It is for that reason we recomend students purchase and use a computer cable lock to secure their notebooks to a table or desk.   

For software related threats, EITS has put together a list of helpful resources you can use th protect your computer.  Students should have a good AntiVirus program as well as a antimalware program at a bare minimum.   

Anti virus programs range in scope and price and many of the free programs provide the necessary protection and don't impact the computers performance.  While we don't endorse any specific program, below are some free options to consider.

- Microsoft Security Essentials

- AVG Free

- AVAST Essentials Free 

- Malwarebytes (Not this should be used in addition to a anti virus program)

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and there are other good programs out there.  These are just aa few that have been used and highly rated and tested over the years.  Many of the free editions also offer a paid edition that includes additional functionality like a firewall, data encryption, etc.

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