Printing at CED

What can I print?  Users can make laser prints in greyscale or color, on 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” 20# 30% recycled bond paper, in each of the College’s instructional buildings.   Additionally, users can make large format black and white plots up to 36” wide or inkjet plots up to 36” wide in the Jackson Street Building.   All plots are produced on 24# bond paper.

Where can I print? Color laser printers are located in 019 Denmark Hall, 305 Tanner Building, 127 Jackson Street Building, Owens Library, and 031 Jackson Street Building.  Plotters are located in 031 Jackson Street Building.

How do I print?

Windows: From a Windows 7 or newer computer go to \\ced-printers in Windows Explorer (wireless users need to authenticate to PawsSecure first, then connect to \\ ).   Double click the printer you want to use to install it on your computer.

Windows or MacOS:  Users can upload PDF files to print by going to . *Must be Print Rready document.   Windows users are strongly encouraged to use the manual method described above).

When can I print?  Users may print on the color laser printers at any time and, with the exception of 031 Jackson Street) pickup their prints immediately.  Plotting can be done during CED Technology & Facility Services office hours. 

How much does it cost? Effective August 2017 laser prints cost $0.06 for 8.5”x11” B&W and $.50 for 8.5”x11” Color.  B&W 11”x17” (ledger/tabloid) is $.10 and color is $0.75.  Black and white plotting costs $0.50 per square foot.  Color plotting costs $1.00 per square foot.

How do I pay for my prints?  Printing payments are handled through the CED Papercut system. Students enrolled in CED classes are given a $50 print credit for use each semester.  You may add additional Credits at anytime via credit card by visiting:

Please see the attached document for details about the Papercut User interface and the vairous printing options.

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HOUSTON HARKER Mon, 2nd Mar 2015 2:08pm

the does not grant permission for a user to add the printers. So that is incorrect. The adjusted does not exist according to any computer connected to the wi-fi rather than the network. Even when on the network, the printers in tanner do not work.

CHRISTOPHER Balthrop Thur, 19th Mar 2015 2:10pm

These issues have all now been addressed. Thank you for the information regarding the tanner printer once I received your comment we were able to rectify that situation and allow the Tanner printer to operate again. The old print server (ced-printing) will be going away soon now that we are wrapping up the testing and tuning phase. As far as the not authorized to add permissions on the old server, this was also a issue I rant into some with the new server, however I believe we have found a solution and created a new knowlegebase article to provide the details on this issue. There have been some instances where the address with the is needed, however most cases you shouldn't need to use it. Please email if you experience issues and we will address it as quickly as we can.

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