Getting the right color from the plotter

To get accurate color reproduction, the output device and the display must be color calibrated. While this is possible in an isolated design environment it is not practical in a College space.  

In the absence of properly calibrated equipment, the most accurate method to guarantee printing a specific color is to print a color table on the device. This table can serve as a reference to generate an accurate production of a given CMYK value.  

Technology Services maintains a portfolio of the Pantone+ CMYK Coated swatch table available in most design products as it is reproduced on the Canon plotter and the Sharp MFP. While this portfolio cannot be checked out, students, faculty, and staff may come by the office to select a color for use in their project. Note: the color displayed on the screen may not be the color selected, but it will be the color that prints. 

Technical note:  Because of technical differences between Pantone process and CMYK print production actual colors will vary slightly from actual Pantone process colors when printed on the plotter or copiers.

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