Connecting to Network Resources

Addresses should be entered from Windows Explorer’s address bar.  NOT FIREFOX or Chrome.

  (smb:// addresses are for MAC or Linux based connections)


  • CED-sweetgum


 Class Resources, Completed Scans, Assistantships, Special projects


  • CED-printers


Print Server all CED buildings *

  • CED-Bob


Accreditation storage, GIS data repositories & CLL archives

** Depending on your location, you may need to remove the**

** When connecting to a server resource and it prompts you to login, please use your myid and password in the following format  (you must include the myid\ prefix prior to your username:

Username:  myid\your myid

Password:  Your myid password


 Connecting from off campus


  1. If you have not created your ArchPass Duo account, you will need to do that before you login to the VPN.  Please see this article for information on creating the Archpass Duo account. (Video Instructions)  Archpass webpage
  2. If you have never logged into the VPN, then point your web browser to :   Here is a walkthrough from RITS on this for various devices
  3. Log in with your myid username and password.  You will also need to use your device to generate the Duo logon key.  (if you already have the CISCO anyconnect installed, you can skip this step and go to step 
    1. First time login will install the Cisco Anyconnect client and sign you in
    2. Subsequent logins will just load the client and sign you in
  4. Once connected your computer will function as if it was on the PAWS network, so you should be able to connect to any of the network resources above just as if you were on campus. 
    1. For instance to get to the class folders, you would open Windows Explorer and just type in the address bar \\   

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